Robby Adapts Into Sprawler

Robby Adapts into Wroxer

Robby Walker Adapts Into Sprawler

Age: 16
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Wields: Fire (Orange Orb)
Skills: MMA Fighter
Alignment: The Core

Robby Walker isn’t your typical 16 year-old. Because of Kimura’s travel sched- ule, Robby spent much of his childhood on the road, schooled by his mentor in scholastics and martial arts. Even though Kimura was the best “parent” he could be, without a traditional family or other kids, Robby couldn’t help but feel a little alone for a lot of his young life. Now that they are settled in Chicago, Robby loves it. But…he remains a little awkward around others. And if it is a cute girl? Forget it!

His good friend Miko attempts to train him in approaching the oppo- site sex, but she’s got issues of her own trying to win the affection of an oblivious Johnny Nova. Robby covers for his insecurities by being overly outgoing and sometimes even reckless, but underneath it, he’s pretty shy and humble, really wondering how he is fitting in and if people like him. But while he trains in Kimura’s gym, he’s fearless. It is one place where he has always been at home. There is much more to Robby than meets the eye and his friends know it. Plus, he knows a little something about almost every city – he’s already been there from his traveling childhood!

Because of Robby’s lonely childhood, Sprawler loves his duty as the leader of The Core! He’s part of a group and he loves it. Even though he still has to remember that he can rely on his teammates to help him reach success. Because the principles of MMA favor the martial arts as a method of self-defense, Sprawler’s fighting technique favors one of resistance.

Sprawler defends mankind with air bending moves and Matrix-style stealth to dodge and turn his opponents’ strikes against them.