Zack Adapts Into Wrath

Zack Walker Adapts Into Wrath

Age: 16
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Wields: Ice (Blue Orb)
Skills: Street Fighter
Alignment: The Void

Zack Walker is a bitter young man.  Growing up in the streets has taught him to be very resourceful, and turned him into a stone cold fighter.  In fact, Zack runs his own fight club in an abandoned warehouse in Philly, which doubles up as The Void’s headquarters.  With ice running through his veins, it is only fitting that Zack transforms into the icy Wrath when he connects with the Void.  Wrath uses his ice as a weapon to gain leverage over and freeze his opponents in their tracks.  The Chairman kept tabs on Zack as he grew up, intent on using him as a soldier, but as it turns out, Zack isn’t so eager to be led.  While there may be an internal power struggle within The Void, one thing is clear… they’re out to destroy The Core!

Ruin Adapts Into Fission

Ruin Adapts Into Fission

Age: 20
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Wields: Electricity (Yellow Orb)
Skills: Pro Wrestling, Destruction
Alignment: The Void

Ruin is an insane, masked pro-wrestler from parts unknown who stands at an impressive 7-feet tall with arms thicker than redwood trees.  As a wrestler, Ruin achieved all the success that Johnny Novak dreams of.  Ruin’s destructive nature led him to the top but was also his downfall, as he was banned from the sport for being too violent and lacking any concept of sportsmanship.

Enlisted by Zack Walker to join The Void, Ruin is transformed into Fission, a hulking beast with a maniacal laugh who loves to “ground and pound!”  His forearms pulsate with a glowing toxic heat that flows through his veins to fists the size of boulders.  Fission can take out buildings with a swing of his fist, and by smashing them against the ground, he has the ability to shake the earth. 

Sakura Adapts Into Arashi

Sakura Miyagi Adapts Into Arashi

Age: 24
Hometown: Okinawa, Japan
Wields: Life – Ability To Bring The Dead to Life (Pink Orb)
Skills: Disciplinarian, Bojutsu
Alignment: The Void

Sakura is a cruel, bitter former school teacher from Tokyo, who loves to dish out punishment.  In fact, Miko was among Sakura’s former students who suffered in her classroom!  Sakura was banned for life from teaching due to her harsh disciplinarian techniques.

Discovered by Zack Walker when she entered his underground fight club and destroyed all of her opponents, Sakura was subsequently enlisted to join The Void.  Her heartless persona is enhanced when she transforms into Arashi, an evil, gothic witch.  She can suck the life out of anyone, creating legions of “zombified” ex-students who will do her destructive bidding.