What Is Wroxer?

Everybody has an inner hero!  And that’s what ROBBY WALKER and his friends are about to discover when they are called on to become THE CORE.


There’s something different about Robby Walker.  There is an innate quality about him that has always made him stand out amongst his peers… his ability to ADAPT.  This quality helped Robby rise above the other students of KIMURA, an ex-MMA fighter, who will be voiced by MMA superstar, and UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre.  Kimura is more to Robby than just a coach – he’s like his dad.  When Robby’s family mysteriously disappeared after a strange fire, it was Kimura that took him in, under his wing, training him in the principles that make martial arts so great… confidence, self-improvement and the ability to adapt to any opponent or challenge.  Robby wasn’t the biggest or strongest amongst the pupils in Kimura’s Chicago gym, but his unique ability to adapt – almost a sixth sense of what an opponent would do next — helped him advance his skill set beyond the others.  It was this quality that reminded Kimura of Robby’s father, the friend he lost years ago.

Kimura never forgot the odd metallic orbs that JACK WALKER had hurriedly shown him, before shutting the heavy metal lid on the government-issue ammunition box.


                  You don’t have to do anything….as long as they stay

              hidden in here, and quiet, then you are good.



                What do you mean quiet?



                        If they wake up, you’ll know.  They’ll glow.  It means

                     someone else also has them…for every action…



               There is an equal and opposite reaction.


Our show starts with the orbs – what we will grow to call WROXER ORBS – waking up.  That night all those years ago was the last time Kimura saw Jack.  And now, with only frantic last words, he and his small army of TOP STUDENTS will get sucked into a vortex of criminal activity, corporate corruption, scientific government secrets and the potential to either usher in a new era of power and energy or the threat of total world obliteration.


Figuring out this new world on the fly, the team is thrown into the deep end, forced to figure out puzzles from the past in order to predict the future.  But it’s not all gloom and doom – the kids soon figure out that these ORBS are amazing!  WROXER ENERGY is a mysterious force that binds with your natural strengths and intent, transforming you into your INNER FIGHTER: a new being with power and possibilities that are beyond comprehension!


They will learn by trial and error that Wroxer energy is a wild force that they must control with the lessons they’ve learned from Kimura.  But you don’t need to be a genius to realize that tapping into all this potential is fun!  Who wants to play SUPERHERO!?  But they soon learn that these powers aren’t all fun and games… there is an evil force that wants to play this game too.

These orbs didn’t just come to life… They have awakened because while Robby’s SCIENTIST PARENTS were studying this energy for good, someone else was studying it for a whole other reason.  And finally, somewhere, in some deep dark secret lab they figured out what Robby’s parents already had, creating their own orbs and awakening those in Kimura’s care.  But their intent for this power isn’t horsing around at the gym or seeing who can stuff the most pizza in their mouth – no it’s something much more sinister.

Soon our carefree kids are going to have to step up and become what Kimura has been training them to be.  They are going to have to become THE CORE, battling the rising dark tide of THE VOID.

Haunted by his friend’s words, Kimura made it his purpose in life to find three students who most embodied the values of mixed martial arts: those purest of heart and mind who would be able to defend the world against this possible threat.  He always knew Robby would be his leader.  With that sixth sense beyond his years, and thoughtful personality, Robby is not only an incredibly proficient fighter, he also has the ability to remain calm in all situations and use his training against his enemy, harnessing the power of MMA as a blocking, protective tool.  JOHNNY NOVAK is everyone’s favorite lug.  A slightly clumsy wrestler from Canada, he has big aspirations of becoming an electrifying pro-wrestling champion.  His physical size is only matched by his even bigger heart.  He may not be the smartest guy – but he’s going to fight with all he has and to the end.  MIKO OGUCHI brings the cool to this squad.  A rocking, hacking skater chick from Japan, Miko’s love of animals causes her to melt at the very sight of every cute critter.  But don’t think she’s soft!  Talk like that is only going to get you in more trouble.  KUDZAI is the gym’s resident genius.  While a disability keeps him locked down in a wheel chair, it never hurts his spirit (or his upper body strength!).  A vital member of the team, his research, and knowledge of all things tech and inventions, help give The Core an edge over The Void.  “This is better than just handling billing!


The Void is headed up by THE CHAIRMAN, a monstrous beast.  Who he is in the real world – when not joined with a Wroxer orb — is one of the first mysteries the squad must uncover.  It will turn out he is THE CEO of SIROCCO, the company for which Robby’s parents worked.  MELTDOWN is his number one henchman, followed by WRATH, FISSION,  and ARASHI.  As the series progresses we will learn more about that fateful night and the role that the Chairman played in the demise of Robby’s family.  We’ll also see over time that perhaps Wrath isn’t such a stranger to Robby and that maybe not all of his family members are gone forever.